5 Breathtaking Memoirs About Love

Love stories are very endearing. The charm and heartwarming factor increases as the stories become more nuanced. And it is simply something out of this world when a great love story is true as well. In this article, we are going to list some of the best love memoirs around. In all the memoirs people talk about their love, the different stages of finding and keeping love. To make things a bit heart wrenching, there's this odd story about losing love too.
If you are looking for love in real life, then these stories should inspire you. One good way to find it is to opt for an excellent dating service. These ashley madison reviews might be of help. To feel inspired, read one or more of the following love memoirs. They are sure to warm the cockles of your heart. Let's dive into the list without much further ado:

1. One Hundred Names for Love: A Memoir

Authored by Diane Ackerman
It is quite right that lovers find their own, unique way of expressing their affection. This book chronicles the story of two celebrated people Paul West and Diane Ackerman. Both made a name for themselves through expression and language. It is more than a love story. It explores the love for writing that is shared between the couple. The two have been together for over 40 years, and this is the feel-good and warm story about the two. The story also serves to explore how the brain works when we want to express our feelings. The work it does in finding the appropriate words that reveal a thought or feeling. Sometimes, this power is lessened or even lost. The book explores that terror as well, and how it feels to get that power back. Through the book, the readers encounter a world without words. It makes you appreciate how beautiful words are and what real love means.

2. Love Warrior

Authored by Glennon Doyle
This is a story that serves more than just to inspire, it evokes reactions in a way that only epics can. The memoir is about resurrecting the author's marriage. The writer uses truth to exert power and emotion that is both rare and unforgettable. The author, in her quest to find love and truth, reveals unique and strange facts about her love and marriage.

3. Love Is a Mix Tape

Authored by Rob Sheffield
This is where the prolific memoir writer begins his love journey. Through the book, the author tells the tale of his first love and marriage, and it's eventually falling apart. The book really makes the nostalgia of love come alive. This is yet another excellent love memoir to read but comes with heartbreak.

4. Screw Everyone

Authored by Ophira Eisenberg
A comedian has his own way with laughter. This book brings alive how this comedian was a marriage skeptic but still dived into it. She tells her impression of marriage from childhood, teenage years to her twenties. But the part where she meets her husband and the chapter on her wedding day is where the book really hits a home run.

5. Romance Is My Day Job

Authored by Patience Bloom
As an experienced editor, the author is well acquainted with passion. But she finds her own life terribly lacking that romantic charm. Then everything in her life turns topsy-turvy when an old friend sends a message on Facebook. This is yet another love memoir to warm your heart. It sheds light on how people most close to romance, often have problems finding it.